9 April 2024

PM Connect achieves ISO 27001 Accreditation

Harriet Emerson

The PM Connect Team are proud to share that they have recently attained ISO 27001:2022 certification, a significant achievement that reflects our commitment to information security. 

This achievement marks another milestone in their journey of commitment to their customers, to not only achieve but maintain high standards, prioritising Information Security.


What is ISO 27001?

  • ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard for Information Security management System (ISMS). 
  • It provides a systematic framework for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving information security within an organisation. 
  • The standard emphasises the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, as well as the proactive management of information security risks. 


The whole PM Connect team worked really hard to ensure every corner of the business aligns to this global standard with great success! 


This accreditation continues to reinforce PM Connect’s drive as a tier 1 partner to their existing and future Brand and Carrier Partners and how seriously they take Information Security.


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