What is PM Connect’s mission?

PM Connect’s mission is to make in-demand content accessible to all. The award-winning business specialises in mobile distribution for major entertainment rights holders, connecting brands to new audiences, growing subscribers and driving revenue for both brands and mobile network operators.

What does PM Connect do?

PM Connect promotes access to a number of high-end entertainment services such as NBA League Pass, Sports 1 with Eurosport, WWE Wrestle Club, Cloudy Gaming and many others. Would you like to know more? Contact us

Who does PM Connect work with?

Apart from offering Direct Carrier Billing solutions, PM Connect is a world-class provider of content in sports, gaming and entertainment sectors. We unlock the potential of the world’s biggest brand and offer it for the carriers.

Our portfolio of brands includes, but is not limited to NBA League Pass, Eurosport, WWE, Cloudy Gaming, Live Football and others.

What is Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)?

Direct Carrier Billing is a form of mobile payment solution which allows users to purchase digital goods and services without an access to banking system or a credit card. The value of purchase is simply added to the user’s monthly mobile bill or taken from the prepaid balance.

How does Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) work?

PM Connect customers can use DCB to purchase digital content on any platform that allows them to use this method of payment.

The payment for your selected Subscription or Service is confirmed after secure verification, with charges added to your mobile phone bill.

You gain access to the brand’s world-class content after successful payment for your Subscription or Service.

The confirmation of your purchase and receipt is being sent to you in a form of SMS with details how to access your Subscription or Service.

Who can benefit from Direct Carrier Billing?

Mobile Network Operators and their customers, Content publishers, streaming services, game developers, ticket providers and anyone who prefers to keep all their services in one place can benefit from DCB.

How is DCB different from other Mobile Payment Solutions?

The most visible difference between Direct Carrier Billing and any other form of mobile payments (i.e. mobile wallets) is independence from banking infrastructure to complete the transaction.

This method of payment benefits:

  • the user because it offers a simple method of transaction without passing any form of sensitive data,
    the publishers as they content can reach more customers through previously unexplored channels,
    the mobile network providers as they can reach users in underbanked markets or offer additional and hassle free alternatives to the other.