20 July 2023

Mobile payments spend to hit $122 billion by 2027

Fresh data from Juniper Research highlights that the mobile payments sector is set to grow by 74% in the next three years. PM Connect is championed as a market leader within the report on our booming industry.

Tom Bradshaw-Smith

Drilling down into vital vertical sectors within its Carrier Billing (DCB) forecast, Juniper sees ‘Digital Videos’ – which includes sports – as 25% of the entire industry, equating to $30.5 billion in consumer spend.

Aligned with this, sports is fundamental to PM Connect, with the NBA, WWE and Opta Sports all brand stakeholders we have long-term partnerships with. This underpins the company’s strategy for growth, with the Sports OTT sector itself set to be worth $85 billion in 2024 as highlighted in our white paper on the subject

Alongside this, ‘Digital Games’ is considered an even bigger slice of the sector pie by Juniper – with 34% of the total spend, equaling $41.5 billion. This is another sector PM Connect is actively involved in, with our Cloudy Gaming product boasting AAA titles including Fortnite, eFootball PES and PUBG: Battlegrounds.

“Juniper Research’s report not only instills further confidence in mobile payments but places PM Connect at the heart of our industry’s growth story. 

“DCB is maturing into a mainstream payment solution for entertainment, and the fact that our two leading sub-sectors equate to 59% of the forecasted $122 billion is clear evidence that our company strategy is the right one. 

“At PM Connect, we are committed to digital transformation for the digital generation, giving access to premium content to the sports fans of tomorrow via the mobile ecosystem. 

“The future is extremely exciting and we’re just getting started.”

Kevin Dawson – Group CEO

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