Converting 310,000+ football fans into paying subscribers.

The world’s biggest football leagues with Opta.

The brief

We saw an opportunity for world-leading sports data provider Opta to bring its cutting-edge stats and videos to more fans. 

Our solution needed to help Opta maximise its global opportunity – tapping into demand from football geeks across the world.

The Beautiful Game may be a universal language – but our product and marketing needed to be fine-tuned for different territories.


The product

All the world’s biggest football leagues, in a data-powered football app that hits the back of the net. 

Videos, live text commentaries and customisable widgets from the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, France’s Ligue 1 and more.

This has seen us adapt the product for roll-out in Western Europe and Africa – bringing France’s Ligue 1 to French-speaking African nations.

We converted stat-obsessed football fans into paying subscribers.


football mad subscribers


Up front cost to Opta


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