1 September 2022

Tech promotions and recruitment drive at PM Connect

PM Connect has strengthened our core tech function by recruiting four developers and promoting three long-serving team members as part of a restructure.

Tom Bradshaw-Smith

New CTO Sanjay Mistry, who joined us in June, has been quick to bolster the company’s technical resources – which now sits at 23 people.

The core of the tech team operates out of our Birmingham (UK) headquarters but technology staff have been added in both South Africa and Portugal to match our global reach.

This supports our growth, with the company now processing over 50 million monthly transactions via our industry-leading mobile payments platform. In response to this Sanjay has restructured the team to incorporate a stream-aligned workflow, which enables faster delivery to match the commercial pipeline of new mobile network integrations and product launches.

Peter Colquhoun joins the newly named Operations Performance team as a back-end developer, Lisbon-based Hugo Camilo is welcomed as a nearshore Salesforce developer, Tariqur Rahman has been recruited as a core-services developer, and Jakub Kozlowski joins as a software developer in the company’s product team.

The business has also welcomed Product Manager, Harprit Badyal, to help strengthen its integration and core platform roadmaps.

Alongside the recruitment, Sanjay has promoted George Walker to Operations Performance Team Lead and Shaun Whalen-Smith to Product Team Lead, while Harry Perry has also been promoted to Senior QA Tester.

I said when I joined PM Connect that we have a top development team, built by my predecessor, Andrew Robins. The tech is strong, and the people are of high calibre. We needed to take this further and that starts by restructuring and strengthening resources where demand is highest. With Peter, Hugo, Tariqur, Jakub and Harprit joining us – that is exactly what we’re doing. 

I’d also like to congratulate both Shaun and George for their well-earned promotions to leadership positions, and Harry for his promotion, too. Empowering those who are hungry for more responsibility is something I’m deeply passionate about. Learning and progression should be at the heart of PM connect’s culture, one that is self-sustained beyond myself and our Head of Development, Dwayne Rowley. Learn, develop, and improve processes – that’s what success looks like for me as a senior leader.”


Sanjay Mistry – Group CEO

This news follows the company’s first international technolgy recruitment last year. Amina Amijee joined as a QA in 2021, the first on-the-ground development resource in South Africa. Hugo also joins a team of three in Lisbon, Portugal, with this nearshore resource helping the company with its technical operations within the European market.

“It’s such an exciting time for PM Connect as we look to scale in the next two years. The world-leading brands we have coming on board, the huge potential in Africa, and the growth opportunities in the rest of the world. We are building something special and having an international development team is central to that. Watch this space.”

Sanjay Mistry – Group CTO

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