26 May 2022

PM Connect recruits top CTO Sanjay Mistry

PM Connect is proud to appoint Sanjay Mistry as Group CTO, as we gear up our tech stack for the business’s next phase of international growth.

Tom Bradshaw-Smith

Starting at the company this week, Sanjay brings a wealth of experience in building and leading high-performing development teams, with 17 years at previous company Infomedia, including the last six as CTO, and the past 18 months also acting as COO.

Sanjay’s tenure at PM Connect comes shortly after we announced the newly vamped executive team, with Kev Dawson coming in as CEO and the company’s co-founder James Macfarlane moving to the role of President.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Sanjay to PM Connect. He brings extensive industry knowledge, pedigree and experience – which further strengthens both our operational and executive team – where Sanjay’s track record of quality decision making will add significant value.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for the business, as our partnership with the NBA begins to mature, we’re launching in new territories, growth is on a steep upward trajectory and our pipeline of deals is looking strong. Sanjay’s know-how will be invaluable as we continue to expand.”


Kev Dawson – Group CEO

“The decision to join PM Connect was an easy one for me. The company has a fantastic brand, culture and value proposition. It’s also a great opportunity to work with James (Macfarlane, Group President) and Kev, having known and respected them for many years – and to deliver on their ambitious three-year strategy.

“The brands that we have coming on board, the potential in Africa and the rest of the world is building to something special. What excites me is that I have experience in delivering on these opportunities through my 17 years at Infomedia.

“We have a top development team here – the tech is strong, and the people are of high calibre. What I want to achieve is to take this one step further – where learning is at the heart of the culture, that is self-sustained beyond me. Learn, develop, and improve processes – that’s what success looks like for me.”

Sanjay Mistry – Group CTO

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