4 January 2019

Managing your mobile payment subscriptions – advice for consumers

Tom Bradshaw-Smith

At PM Connect, we invest heavily in end-user customer care, priding ourselves on mobile payment solutions that keep subscribers informed, secure and in control. Our goal is clear, direct and continued communication, to ensure our subscription services are consented to – with an easy process to opt out.

This is why we’ve worked very closely with the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) to improve our customer journey. PM Connect now only offer a two-stage verification process within our services – taking customers to a second page to confirm they would like to sign up – we follow up with a text, where customers again have the option to opt out.

As 90% of texts are read within three minutes of opening, we consider text messaging to be the most effective and reliable way for us to connect with customers. Therefore, we continue to issue monthly text receipts and customers can also cancel their subscription at any time by texting STOP, or via our 24/7 customer service line. Those keen to make the most of the ease and accessibility of mobile payments should ensure they know the provider behind their subscription, choosing those that, like PM Connect, communicate directly with customers – allowing for ultimate transparency and accountability.

Customers can protect themselves from unwanted subscriptions by staying conscious of who has access to their mobile. However, regular texts from providers ensure that, if subscriptions are initially confirmed against the bill-payer’s wishes, consumers will be informed and given multiple opportunities to opt out. Bearing this in mind, we advise customers not to ignore messages they receive from mobile payment providers, as trusted companies use text to put consumers in control.

In the past 12 months, PM Connect has made strides in improving the customer journey, resulting in significantly reduced complaints – but this is something we are constantly working to improve further. However – if customers follow these simple steps it means they can best enjoy the secure and streamlined mobile payments offered by Direct Carrier Billing.

James Macfarlane is Group CEO of PM Connect.

PM Connect customer top tips:

  • Don’t ignore text messages from mobile payment providers
  • Always ensure you know and control who has access to your mobile
  • Only enter into subscriptions where you can identify the mobile payment provider
  • Choose mobile payment providers who communicate directly with their customers
  • Contact the provider directly first if you are unsure on any element of your subscription
  • If a provider is failing to give you the information you require, do contact the PSA

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